Being a volunteer at Archipelagos was the best experience I’ve ever had so far! I know, this sentence sounds like a cliché and I bet many volunteers said it at least once, but it was indeed an adventure to awesomely mark my summer of 2013 and I feel extremely grateful for this special opportunity.

Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is a non-profit organization which deals with environment (both marine and terrestrial) issues in the eastern Aegean Sea.

Leaving the formal words aside, the people at Archipelagos (staff and volunteers) are all a bunch of warm-hearted, hard-working, selfless people who enjoy spending time and energy for nature’s sake.


Things that I’ve learned from this adventure, all in all:

– to look more attentively and more selflessly into the needs of nature and wildlife

– not to be afraid to lead a simple and humble life, far from the comforts of the city and the consumerist society

– to work hard and enjoy both physical and mental work, for a disciplined and healthy life

And mostly:

– to thank God more often for the miracles I witness every day.

Until the next SeaLover-friendly season, I’ll be adding some Aegean underwater photos to my portfolio. Enjoy!


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