My name is Ioana. Friends call me Ioa

I am a teacher and a teacher trainer.
I love creating educational materials and I will never stop playing.
I am a photographer and an underwater light seeker.
I am a PhD student, an environmentalist, a researcher and a recycling maniac.
I am one of those sea people who suffer from sea sickness.
I am a child. With more and more white hair. Turquoise is my favourite option to hide the second aspect while enhancing the first.
I respect everything that is alive. With reticence towards mosquitoes.
I craft, do yoga, snowboard and play the piano. All of them with mediocre skills, but with passion and desire to grow.
I love to build, never to destroy. I believe in mindfulness and healthy living.
And I believe in a loving God, my Father.

Too many lines starting with I. Who are YOU?

It’s all about water and light

What is Euphotica


Underwater, everything is different. Not only fish don’t stink, but things look different. People look different, motion is different, colors are different… And as a photographer who loves challenges, I cannot be indifferent to that. So I started shooting stuff underwater. With my camera, that is. And where better to do this than in the euphotic layer (with optimum light)? is my personal portfolio and blog, where I’ll be sharing my underwater photos (both portraits and sea life), as well as various curiosities and environment-related ideas that I strongly believe in.


An underwater experience

The Mermaid School Project


The Mermaid School project came to mind in a dream. And it’s an invitation for you, dear mer-person (mermaid, merkid, merman) to become part of it.  I’d like to share with you my tail collection, my underwater photography skills and some breath-holding moments, in order to create a colorful underwater experience.

And the ocean taught her how to drown in all things bigger than herself, the ocean loved her and knew everything that made her, and every time she walked to the shore, she smiled at the ocean because the waves told her story.

– R. M. Drake

What I do

Underwater Photography

ECO Activities for Children

Terrestrial Photography

Photography Lessons for Children and Adults

Developing Educational Materials


Partners and Clients

Photographed mermaids
Rescued animals
Years of teaching photography
Robot toys made of recycled plastic